Student Volunteer Team 2014/15 – Training day

Training 1

Getting down to some serious planning

In anticipation of a busy start to the academic year in September, we thought it wise to get our new Student Volunteer Team as prepared as they possibly could be before they break up for summer. Our first training day took place on Wednesday 4th June at Coventry University’s Jaguar Building. The main purpose of the day was for the team to get to know each other, and hopefully form some key partnerships (and maybe some friendships) along the way.

The weather certainly didn’t decide to be kind to any of us. Thankfully the heavy down pour didn’t deter the team from attending, and by 10:15 we were well on our way. The day began with some ice breakers, designed to settle nerves and for names to be exchanged. After some rather suspect catching by the V&E trainers during the ‘Did you catch that name’ introduction exercise, we were soon all acquainted and ready to learn. We then got to know each other a little more by designing shields for one another stating our position in the team, where we’d like to be in five years, and the top three items we would need on a desert island. It’s perhaps a sign of the times that an i-pod was on most people’s lists, (despite the fact that electricity might be hard to come by!)  Continue reading


SVT 14/15: We’re Recruiting!


Are you a Coventry University student, experienced in and enthusiastic about volunteering? If so, you might be just the person we’re looking for to join the Student Volunteer Team (SVT) 14/15.

All those looking to apply will need to be either second or third year students from the start of term 1 in September 2014. You can apply now by visiting our website: and downloading an application form and role pack. Completed application forms will need to be sent to Interviews will be held between the 7th May – 15th May.

Successful candidates will also be required to attend a training session in early June.

We look forward to hearing from you all and we wish you the very best of luck with your application!

Meet your Student Volunteer Team 2013/2014

HELLO from your new Student Volunteer Team – SVT for short! We are a group of Coventry university students representing YOU! We want to know what you think of volunteering and encourage you all to GET INVOLVED! You have probably heard all about a degree not being enough to secure a job any more, so what can give you that extra edge over all the other graduates out there? The answer -Volunteering! We want to know what keeps you from volunteering? Where you would love to volunteer? As well as that, we want to show you how amazing being a volunteer is! Not just for you but for your community too!

The Team!

Team Leader – Nicole Maynard


My name is Nicole Maynard and I am the Team Leader of the SVT. I decided to join because I’ve worked with V&E before and I know the difference that volunteers can make to different organisations who really need the extra help. This team is about promoting volunteering and showing the numerous advantages and I hope that in my year with the team and my final year at University that I will be able to make an impact with the team and an improvement in student volunteering.

Assistant Team Leader- Rakan Qaimary 


Hello! I am Rakan Qaimary. I am the Assistant Team Leader in the SVT! And you know what? I am the only guy in the team with nine other lovely girls! (We didn’t pay him to say that!)

I come from East Jerusalem – Palestine. I am doing BE in Communications Engineering here at  Coventry University. I chose to be part of the SVT because I want to raise the awareness of volunteering to the world! To increase the number of volunteers  by engaging with my fellow students in new and effective ways. After current and past experience, volunteering is a once in a life time opportunity, especially when being a student! We are the SVT and we will make a huge impact on volunteering,  starting here from Coventry University and the Student’s Union! And spreading it to the world!

Community Volunteer Advisor – Francesca Dodu 

Hi guys! I’m Fran and I am a 2nd year Accounting and Finance student. I am very passionate about numbers and everything that includes math. Volunteering has become my hobby in 2010 and since then I haven’t stopped doing it. I love helping and meeting new people, it is a very nice experience and a win-win situation.
I joined the SVT because I want to improve the volunteering branch and make it more user friendly for you, our university’s students. Also, I knew that I would meet some extraordinary people that share the same interests as me and I was not wrong. I am looking forward to getting more involved in this project and I will do my best to offer you an enjoyable experience.

School Volunteer Advisor – Ruksar Jehangir


I’m a final year student at Coventry University, reading Human Biosciences. A weird fact about me is that I love the smell of new books (you can tell I’m aiming to become a teacher, right?).

I chose to join the Student Volunteering Team because  I feel quite strongly about volunteering. It is an integral platform to engage and serve the community, with sustainable results! Volunteering is not only empowering but will grant you the opportunity to develop new skills and instill valuable ideals. Without it, I wouldn’t have been granted some of the opportunities that I have.

Get involved, you won’t regret it!

Events Coordinator -Jennifer Smith

Hi I’m Jen! I wanted to get involved to promote the opportunities this university provides and think volunteering is not only a great benefit to the community but to you as an individual, it boosts your employability and helps make a difference.

Events Coordinator – Roshni Seth


Hi, I am Roshni Seth an international student from India. I am in my final year studying a joint degree in BA International Relations and Politics. International relations and politics opens up a broad range of career opportunities. Hence I choose this course in particular.

I joined Student Volunteering team because event planning will be a great way to be involved in the university itself and help build a network between the non-governmental organisations. Thus a voluntary role as an events coordinator will grant me the opportunity to further develop my skills, therefore opening more doors for a graduate job. As I previously worked in a variety of customer focusing roles, I have understood the importance of building effective relationships, and promoting the needs of the business in line with the requirements of the customer. I therefore focus on providing a supportive element to the SVT as a professional and enthusiastic person.

Events Coordinator – Hannah Isted

My name is Hannah Isted and I’m a third year event management student. I chose to be part of the SVT as I love events and want to encourage as many people to volunteer as possible through these events.

Events Coordinator – Naomi Smith


Hi I’m Naomi . In my secondary school years I was heavily involved with volunteering, one experience that is most memorable to me is when me and a friend made our own student led volunteering project where we both received Jack Petchey awards along with further funding for the project we did. I also have participated in many volunteering projects in London which have increased my awareness and love for volunteering. I joined the SVT to spread the message about Volunteering and to get involved with the behind the scenes aspect of planning, organising and executing volunteering and employability related events. Also to spread the awareness of V+E and to get as many people involved as I can.

Communications Coordinator -Liliya Andreeva


Hey you guys, my name is Lilly and a 2nd year Media And Communications student. I joined the SVT because I’ve always found volunteering an intriguing experience, I’m sure most of you do but never get round to getting involved. I was like that last year and the best thing I’ve done so far this year is be a part of the SVT. It’s fun and engaging, requires loads of hard work and free time. The main reason I’m a Communications Officer is because the position is related to my degree. I get to make posters and advertise, write posts and establish connections. I get to be a part of a team and help you students notice the benefits of volunteering and therefore engage. Thanks to V&E I’ve been given the opportunity to apply my knowledge, meet new people and enhance my CV for future employers. 

If you have any questions you can add me on fb:

P.S. all of these awesome ideas in my head and my abundant enthusiasm had to go somewhere relatively healthy 😉

Communications Coordinator – Olivia Williams


Hi, I’m Olivia. I’m the one writing this blog post and dealing with the V&E social media. So here’s a face behind all the writing! I am a first year Biomedical Science student! So far it’s been a lot of hard work but I’m really enjoying it.

I joined the SVT for lots of reasons! The main being I love helping people. I would love to go into a profession like medicine that involves helping people, so volunteering is a great way to experience this! I have volunteered abroad in the past and have joined in volunteering in my short time at Coventry Uni. I wanted to meet new people too and be a part of university life as I live at home. I love writing and social media and wanted to use this to communicate my love of volunteering with you. I love keeping people updated about everything and anything through social media which is why I became a Communications Coordinator. You can take a look at what I write in my own personal blog here

We can’t wait to keep you updated on what’s going on Volunteering wise at Coventry University.

The Student Volunteer Team 


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