Sports Coaching Volunteering: Coventry University Netball Team



Volunteering is often more fun when done with friends or as part of a group or team. Last week, Coventry University’s Netball Team led on a day of sports and activities with 29 children from a local school in Coventry. The Team’s Volunteer Secretary, Emily Kenworthy has been instrumental in the coordination and running of the day. She writes about her experience below:

The day was run by 6 members of Coventry university netball team who volunteered at Coventry University’s Sports Centre from 10am-2.00pm.  The event was attended by 29 year 6 children from Longford Park School in Coventry.  The day consisted of many sport games which got the children to be really active and play a variety of different games all day.


The activities included:

–          Stuck in the Mud

–          Parachute Games

–          Group Numbers game

–          Duck Duck Goose

–          Cups and saucers

–          Relay races

–          Dodgeball

–          Tennis Rounders

The pupils looked like they enjoyed the wide range of games and tasks we set. They used skills such as teamwork and communication   in games like tennis rounders and Dodgeball.    They also cheered on their teams during the relay races and cheered other pupils who needed a bit of  extra encouragement.

They especially enjoyed playing Dodgeball, which they had asked for at the beginning of the day and kept asking for! We played 3 rounds of this game which the pupils were all really enthusiastic about.

Many of the netball girls said the highlight of the day was the relay races as the children showed good team spirit and were cheering on their team and other pupils.

This is the second year we have run this event for this school and it has been a success both years. We are hoping to expand this event to include more schools and encourage different sports volunteers to get different experiences by getting involved.

Emily Kenworthy – Coventry Netball Volunteer Secretary 2012-2014


If your sports team are interested in organising a similar activity, contact the Volunteering and Employability department on 


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