SVW Thursday: CUSU Students at Coventry Food Bank

Continuing the success of Monday’s micro volunteering activity for ‘Good Deed Day’, CUSU volunteers attended Coventry food bank on Thursday 27th February. It was a fantastic opportunity to take some of our cherished student volunteers away from the stresses of coursework deadlines for a day and witness firsthand how beneficial our volunteering programs are. These pictures only tell part of the story. If you’re interested in gaining the full experience, look out for more opportunities to volunteer at your local food bank.


The volunteers spent the day working as donation coordinators, helping sort through all the food stocked at the food bank and checking whether items were in date. The food bank seeks to provide much needed assistance to those residents that need it when it comes to the everyday activities that most of us take for granted, such as feeding and clothing ourselves.


All week we have been accepting donations from students and staff. We have been very fortunate in receiving a variety of food and toiletries that we were able to provide to Coventry food bank. This is one of the activities that CUSU V&E were able to run as part of Student Volunteering Week. To read about our other activities, click here! 



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