Student Volunteer Week – All bases covered

As anyone who works in Student Unions will know, a week can fly past in the blink of an eye. That is certainly how things are going here at CUSU. Thankfully, we are well on our way to delivering a successful Student Volunteer Week for 2014.

CUSU V&E are a forward thinking institution, and we recognise the importance of providing a wide range of activities to attract the varying interests of our student body. Our SVW will be covering all bases, so if students want to volunteer on campus, off campus, online or offline, there will always be something to get involved in.

For those looking to make the world a better place in their lunch break, laptops will be placed in the Students’ Union on Monday 24th (better known as Good Deed Day). Here, students will be able to take part in micro volunteering, either by writing letters of support to children suffering from illness, raising money and stationery by playing games, or translating videos into different languages to help non-English speakers understand important youtube videos. This is a small investment that stands to deliver great benefits to others. So basically a win win situation. 

We hope that after giving micro volunteering a go, students might start logging on to the numerous sites when they get home, and making it a regular part of their day. Just imagine putting a smile on a child’s face or providing a class of school children with brand new stationery just because you decided to take a break from revision and procrastinate!

Ultimately, students are busy people, and those 20 minutes for lunch might be the only break they get all day. Therefore, we will be asking for those students with limited time to donate unwanted items such as food, clothes and toiletries which we will be giving to the Coventry food bank and Refugee Hope, a Coventry University student-led charity that seeks to raise money for people displaced by the Syrian conflict. Again, if you’re outward looking and compassionate, but just don’t have the time, we’ve got you covered.

For anyone who prefers more of an old school volunteering experience, on Thursday, a team of 12 volunteers will be helping out at the Coventry food bank, coordinating incoming items and sorting donations into different categories. This will form more of an outreach project in which students can help the University make those valuable links with organisations across the city.

Making volunteering work for the individual is the best way to appeal to everyone, and this is the thinking behind what we plan to do. I trust you will all join us in wishing for a fun, productive and attention grabbing week of volunteering.


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