Student Volunteer Week – One month to go!

In exactly a month’s time, University campuses around the country will be celebrating Student Volunteer Week (24th-28th Feb) in a variety of weird and wonderful ways.

As the name suggests, Student Volunteer Week is a celebration of students who choose to give up their spare time to make a difference to the lives of others, and gain some invaluable experience along the way. The fact that so many students decide to sacrifice a weekend or a night out in order to better themselves in this way, is deserving of a week of recognition, and Coventry University Students’ Union is fully on board.

We will actually be kicking off our celebrations a few days early on the 19th of Feb with our very first ‘Speed Matching’ event. This is a new experiment we’re trying which will give students the opportunity to learn more about our key community organisations in a speed dating type environment. Each organisation will have a few minutes to sell themselves to students, and CUSU V&E will match any students who express an interest in working with them. In this way, our students are given more autonomy to learn about potential partners, while the organisations get guaranteed exposure to all who come along.

As ever, we will be working closely with our Student Volunteer Team to promote the event via social media and to document the big day. Keep your eye on our facebook, twitter and website to find out how we get on.

Moving into Student Volunteer Week itself, we have a number of events lined up. CUSU V&E will be showcasing the fast growing phenomenon known as micro-volunteering where students can do good by playing games and writing e mails. We want our student body to think of volunteering more widely, and to realise that it doesn’t have to be time consuming or back breaking. Our SVT events team have been hard at work, hammering out the details and making sure the event is a success.

We will also be running a social media campaign, where students can tweet us with the good deeds they have done or are currently doing. At the end of the week,the best deed will be selected and a prize will be given out. Again, by bringing volunteering into a modern setting, we are providing students with a true, accurate picture of what volunteering is, and challenging old stereotypes that have only sought to put young people off.

Also, throughout the week we will be collecting donations from students, and arranging a day out at a food bank. We still have a month to go, and with 10 SVT members at our disposal, we’re sure to perfect the ideas we have, and maybe come up with some brand new ones.

We will be keeping you all updated on our progress in the lead up to SVW, so all that’s left for me to say is….watch this space!


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